What is LiveRad?

LiveRad’s mission is simple. Our stories are meant to inspire you. We share inspirational stories, both original LiveRad stories and other stories we love, to initiate more kindness towards others. In sharing stories, we also highlight groups or individuals that are finding creative ways to serve and reach others. We want you to join the movement by sharing your own story and get involved with these amazing groups.  Join our community to inspire kindness in others and in you. We want you to LiveRad!

How It All Began


LiveRad started with a guy named Matt McFarland. If you knew Matt well, he was likely in your top five people to hang out with. He could light up a room or lighten the mood in an instant. He was fun, kind, generous, spontaneous, honest, irreverent, sarcastic and hilarious. He was a passionate, “all-in” type of guy.

In the fall of 2016, Matt hit a crossroads. He wanted to experience life differently and began making plans and preparations to do it. He was leaving on an extended, cross-country road trip, leaving everything behind and trying all the things he had only dreamed about. He created a PowerPoint detailing the adventure he had planned.

Matt was spontaneous, but he was also responsible, so the trip was scheduled to begin in April 2017 after he had everything buttoned up at home. Sadly, on November 21st, 2016, just days after he had excitedly presented his plan, he suffered a very unexpected and severe psychotic break due to complications of mental illness and took his own life. 

In his PowerPoint, he made it clear that the culmination of his life experiences gave him a desire to get out and live. But, he wasn’t only doing it to satisfy his own curiosity or as a selfish pursuit of happiness. He wanted to make a difference. He wasn’t sure who he’d meet along the way or exactly where he would travel, but he WAS sure about his mission statement…“Charity and helping others is truly the path to happiness. Give back, be charitable, impact others’ lives and it will impact yours. Always be mindful of where you can make a difference”. 

LiveRad is the vehicle of Matt’s vision. It’s about creating positive change in the world through service and kindness. While LiveRad is a tribute to Matt, it is specifically a tribute to all who choose to live life fully and in the service of others. Big or small, we can all make a difference.

Matt started a journey with plans, focus and a mission statement in hand. At LiveRad, we intend to “get busy living” and see his journey through!