Contribution - Guest Post by Beka Shea

Do you know who Tony Robbins is? I didn’t until pretty recently, so it’s ok if you’re in that teeny tiny minority with me. Anyway, I’ve been puzzling over the meaning of life for a few years now and then one day I stumble across this random TED talk and guess what — this Tony guy nails it. I mean, just crushes the meaning of life - mic drop, game over.  

Tony Robbins TED talk "Why We Do What We Do"

Tony Robbins TED talk "Why We Do What We Do"

And the crazy part is that this meaning of life journey is so freaking universal, but for some reason it feels like a unique snowflake moment to each of us. Like falling in love. Or having a baby. Disregard all the other millions of people who have done these things — when YOU do it, it’s so much more epic!

So in case you just put your marker down on the gameboard of life, let me walk you through how it’s going to go down according to Tony Robbins. First, you’re going to fulfill your ‘comfort and security meters’. Once those things are met, you level up. Then you’re going to build some relationships and bring love into your life, and you’re probably going to spice it up and take some kind of risk, because now your brain can focus on becoming significant. I think a lot of people get here and that’s awesome.  

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Regardless of whether or not you achieve significance, you get the opportunity to do some soul searching and, if you’re ready to level up again, you’ll gain some wisdom. And I’m going to let you in on a secret – if you got to these words because you know about LiveRad, I’m pretty sure you’re ready to level up to the ‘big leagues’. This is what my man Tony Robbins refers to as “needs of the spirit.” Get ready for serious insight.

80% of humanity lives in extreme poverty. 80%! Some of those people will shine a light around them no matter what, but most of them will work on comfort, love, and significance, and that will be enough. But that’s not enough for you. You’re here because you feel this call as well. After you meet those needs, you’ve got 2 more levels to play out. The next one is growth. You take that awesome wisdom, and you apply it to getting better. And then it gets really fun. Then you get to face the final stage of the game. Are you ready for it? Contribution! You take all the knowledge, and those relationships, and you leverage them to make someone else’s life better. Maybe someone in that 80%. Maybe someone in the house next to you.

On a personal note I feel so incredibly blessed by the abundance in my life. As a result, I constantly feel the pull to give and contribute.  Sometimes these are simple acts, like making extra food in my crockpot and giving it to my neighbors, or sending a thoughtful gift or card to a friend to acknowledge the significant moments in their lives. Maybe it’s coaching or encouraging people with a book, a song, a podcast, a phone call. These small things are my favorite things.  The things that let people know they are seen and important and loved.  

Sometimes the pull is stronger, like the need to give financially to families that are facing devastating crisis. My family has had its share of sudden death, and when that happens it feels like someone has shut the sun off and the world has stopped. And I know that there is nothing anyone can say to end that feeling, but I also know that when they look back, the thing they will be most thankful for are the people that carried them through the darkness. Paid the bills and sent the food and picked the kids up and just…made the world keep going when you couldn’t. Those are bigger gives.

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My goal this year is to get more deliberate about contributing. I own a real estate company, and most of the people on my team are pretty handy. I’m trying to work  with a local shelter so we can volunteer once or twice a month, handling maintenance or construction work. Before, when I looked at all the opportunities to help make the world a better place, I would get overwhelmed. But then I realized that we are all called to do good in our own way and this is a great use of the skills at my disposal. Thanks to the inspiration from Tony Robbins I’ll keep trying to do my part to ultimately contribute and make someone else’s life better.

Beka Shea

Beka Shea lives in Pennsylvania. She is a Realtor, Real Estate Investor and owner of LaPlace Transforms, LLC      

Beka Shea lives in Pennsylvania. She is a Realtor, Real Estate Investor and owner of LaPlace Transforms, LLC







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