The Jared Prescott Trust

It doesn't take a lot to do a lot of good. Meet Keith Prescott, who was able to take the personal tragedy of losing his son, and turn it into something beautiful. Keith and his organization, the Jared Prescott trust, work tirelessly to help people who are less fortunate, specifically in the country of Myanmar.

Their current projects are building schools and drilling wells in Myanmar. Thus far the Jared Prescott Trust has furnished funds for 20 schools in Myanmar as well as numerous wells and other projects. Our primary partner in these projects is the Community Development Association of Myanmar (CDA). On occasion when a school is built in a village where there is no clean water or sanitary facilities the LDS Church has drilled a well and provided the village with sanitary facilities. We have also partnered with the YWCA of Myanmar on wells and other projects. The trust has also built schools for Buddhist Monasteries.

When a school is completed, teachers are trained and provided either by the government of Myanmar if the school is for a village, or by the Buddhist Monks if the school is for a monastery.

Kurt Michelson