Cemetery Service in Honor of Veterans

Chris Platt Photo 2.jpg

We recently relocated last summer to a nice little quiet mountain side town in Pennsylvania. Quiet is something a lot of us prior service members strive to find after our commitment to the military is over.

There is a medium sized cemetery located just up the street from us. It's tucked away very nicely on the side of a large mountain covered with big beautiful trees. It's quite breathtaking. There are a lot of veterans in this cemetery, most of them being from WWl and WWll. Given the time frame, it's very likely that they have no family left to tend to their grave and unfortunately there is not someone to maintain the    cemetery grounds either.

Last weekend, we decided to give back to these veterans and to show them the honor they still deserve. Of course while doing this, Matty was on my mind, he seems to be on my mind quite often. We initially started to reset their fallen flags. While doing this we noticed that not only were their flags in distress but their stones and plots were as well. We cleaned the overgrowth from their stones so they were legible.

It pulls on your heart strings to see how many men have been lost. Many of them even serving in the same unit and buried just a few feet apart, true brothers, just from different families. A bond that many won't understand.

After finishing up at this cemetery we drove around for awhile and came across another. As you can imagine, we got out of the car and started to do the same act of kindness there as well. We intend to keep doing this in honor of veterans. They deserve much better, but we will keep doing what we can together as a team.”

Chris Platt

Kelly Otteson